Who is Jesus Christ and why is it important to follow Him?

I wasn’t really sure on what my first blog post should be really about,but then i thought it is really important to start with the basic fundamentals of what its all about to be a christian.I was also once in that place and state of confusion and curiosity,where i was asking myself ,who is Jesus Christ and why is it important to follow Him?I really wanted to connect with a higher power on a spiritual yet  personal as well as intimate level.I didn’t want to live a life that was just about me and my decisions,there was a void within me that needed only God Himself to fill.I hope i will be able to perhaps provide clarity over the burning questions certain individuals have had all their lives about the christian faith.

 I am definately casting my net wide interms of my audience.Christians and non-christians are all welcome to read my posts.However,my post is not for debate but it is for those who have an open heart to give Jesus a try.My purpose for doing this is to fulfill what Jesus said about the gospel reaching all the corners of the earth.So my objective is to reach corners of the internet as it is a great platform to reach out to lost souls.I will not be surprised if  some readers will deny this truth or won’t connect with it because the bible says in 1 Corinthians 2:14 that,”But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God,for they are foolishness to him: and he cannot understand them,because they are spiritualy appraised.

Ok,let’s cut to to the chase.

First of all I would like to announce that  being a christian is not a religion but it is a personal relationship with God through the Son or person of Jesus Christ.I’m not worried about sounding politically correct because at the end of the day its all about saying what is alligned to what the Holy Bible says.During my research i stumbled upon another christian blogger who published a detailed post on this so for more information follow this link>>> https://philippians1v21.wordpress.com/why-believe-in-jesus/why-christianity-is-not-a-religion/

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and there are quite a number of bible verses which refer to Him as such.One that struck a cord with me is in Mark 1:11 when God declares to Jesus (during His baptism by John),that ,”You are My beloved Son,in You I am well-pleased.”

Jesus Christ,has always been there  from the beginning (check 1 John 1:1).He ascended (came down) from heavean 2000 years ago to save mankind.This is because before Christ came (B.C) people had to give sacrifices of animals for their sins to be forgiven by God as it is God’s principle that a sacrifice be given for the cleansing of sins.The blood of the animals was a symbol of purity.This blood was a temporary cover of sins.The priest is the one who would carry this out behind the veil ,a place identified as the Holy of Holies.He would sprinkle the blood on the place of propitiation where sins were covered by this blood of the innocent sacrifices of animals ,otherwise known as the Mercy Seat which was a solid gold lid placed on top of the Ark of the Covenant.(ref:www.abideinchrist.com,exodus26:31-35,hebrews10:19-22)

However,this whole processs of sacrifice of animals involving a priest was a barrier between God and His people.He wanted a personal relationship with men.He wanted men to ask for forgivess directly but there was need for an ultimate and perfect sacrifice that is Jesus Christ.So as most people know,the God head comes in three,the Trinity i.e God the Father,the Son and the Holy Spirit.They all had a meeting in heaven and decided that Jesus Christ would make the cut for this.So Jesus came in the form of a human being and was born by Mary the virgin who was caused to be pregnant by the Holy Spirit.Some might wonder why He just didn’t step down from heaven?This could have scared the people away but mainly ,Jesus had to follow the principles on earth(of how a person is born e.t.c),although these rules were setout by His Father,God does not break His own rules.God did all this because He loves the world (John 3:16).

So to cut the long story short,Jesus Christ came to die for our sins that we may have a relationship with God.His death was not a simple one,it was very painful that it was too excruciating for any human being to bear as He was beaten,mocked and scorned by those He came to save.He died and rose again on the third day ,when He died the veil was torn meaning the barrier between God and men ceased to exist.After all this was achieved Jesus went back to heaven to sit on the right hand side of the Father.

The reason why He went back to heaven was so He could be omni-present (present everywhere) and  live in our hearts .He left the Holy Spirit for us as He said when He was descending to heaven that ,”I will not leave you alone but I will leave you with the Comforter,the Holy Spirit.”(John 14:16).

So the whole point of Jesus coming on earth was for people to live a Holy life here on earth,one that pleases God and mainly for salvation (to have eternal life).Have you ever asked yourself where your spirit will go if you die today?Its either heaven or hell.With Jesus you can make it to heaven but without Him your ultimate destination is hell(burning in the lake of fire for eternity Revelations 21:8).So for you to have Jesus Christ in your heart the bible says you should simply confess with your mouth that He is the Lord of your life and the Son of God.You should also ask for forgiveness and repent from your sins i.e leaving the old life of the world,one that pleased your flesh but start living that life of the spirit.This is because God is Spirit and so are you!Therefore to be recognised as His child you have to live a spirt based life here on earth through Jesus Christ.IF YOU ARE TIRED OF LIVING IN SIN THEN today is your day to be saved.Its time to stop choosing darkeness over light,lies over truth.One verse that overwhelmes me is in John 3:19,”This is the verdict: Light has come in to the world,but the people loved darkness instead of light because ther deeds were evil.”Maybe you didn’t know Jesus at all,or you did but 

  you are back slidden,i encourage you to to do this prayer of salvation.Try Jesus again ,He is the way the truth and the life.

Prayer of salvation: (Romans 10:9)

“Oh Lord God,I believe with all my heart in Jesus Christ,Son of the living God.I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. i believe He’s alive today.I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day,through Him and in His name,I have eternal life:im born again.Thank you Lord for saving my soul.Im now a child of God.

If you’ve done this prayer congratulatiuons!You are now a child of God.Find a good bible based church and continue your journey with Christ there.I can confidently say to you your spirit is now living and you are nolonger just exisiting.I STRONGLY AND TRULY TRULY BELIEVE that  in Christ you are living and outside Christ you are just exisiting.Amen.


One thought on “Who is Jesus Christ and why is it important to follow Him?

  1. This is amazing truth and God is truth. God’s nature is love and He has demonstrated His love through our Lord Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ said when you know the truth,the truth you know will set you free and you will live life of the Spirit. Thank you brother Leroy for sharing words full of wisdom. God bless you.


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